COVID-19 is a new strain of Coronavirus and is not yet available for commercial testing. An alternate strain has been identified by the relevant authorities as a suitable proxy for commercial testing. Hydrogel 259 has been tested against this proxy and due to the effectiveness against these coronavirus strains, it is expected that it will be effective against the new strain.

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Kills bacteria and viruses including MRSA, MSSA, E.coli, Influenza H1N1, Murine Norovirus and Coronavirus.

In response to the global Coronavirus outbreak, and due to the effectiveness of our Hydrogel 259 at killing bacteria and viruses, we’ve taken the additional measure of getting it tested against strains of Coronavirus.

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Active protection

A surface coated with Hydrogel 259 actively kills a broad spectrum of microbes, including E.coli, Strep aureus, MRSA, MSSA, Influenza H1N1, Murine Norovirus and Coronavirus, offering long-lasting protection with reapplication annually.

96.84% reduction in Coronavirus count
within 30 minutes of contact

99.71% reduction in Coronavirus count
within 60 minutes of contact

Reducing the spread of bacteria and viruses in the built environment, particularly on surfaces in high risk areas, to limit the spread of disease is crucial to the containment of infection.

Hydorgels 259


Kills bacteria and germs including MRSA, MSSA and E.coli.

Active protection

Hydrogel 257 kills bacteria and germs (including MRSA, MSSA, E.coli & Strangles). Its antibacterial effectiveness will remain active during the life of the coating subject to the surface remaining clean and undamaged.

Recommended for surfaces which could benefit from an increased level of antibacterial resistance including: food preparation areas, toilets, bathrooms, medical, dental and veterinary facilities, ships, schools, care homes, animal housing and high-touch surfaces (domestic and public).

Hydrogel 257 provides antibacterial resistance compliant with ISO 22196 – 2011/Bacteria and SS 345 - 2015.

Hydorgels 257


Kills bacteria and viruses including Strep Equi Equi (Strangles) and EHV-1 and EHV-4.

Active protection

Hydrogel 262 kills bacteria (including E.Coli & Strep Equi Equi), algae, and viruses (including EHV 1 & EHV 4).

Recommended for surfaces which could benefit from an increased level of antimicrobial resistance including: food preparation areas, toilets, veterinary facilities, animal housing and high-touch surfaces.

Provides antimicrobial resistance compliant with ISO 16777 – 2018, SS 345 – 2015, ISO 22196 – 2011/Bacteria and ISO 22196 – 2011/Virus.

Hydorgels 262


An intumescent high thermal barrier providing improved fire resistance that slows and potentially prevents char front.

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Active protection

Hydrogel 135 provides protection to substrates with a density above 680kg/m3. It improves fire resistance with a thick, stable carbon foam barrier when exposed to fire which slows and potentially prevents the propagation of char front through the material.

Recommended for all building materials with a density above 680 kg/m3 which could benefit from an increased level of fire protection: woodwork, walls, ceilings, doors and metal.

Hydrogel 135 is ISO 13501 certified.

Hydorgels 135


A non-slip coating for steps and treads.

Active protection

Hydrogel 392 is recommended for areas where a clear surface finish is preferred. Provides high slip protection in wet and dry conditions of shod and barefoot to a low risk of 1 in 1,000,000 users in both wet and dry conditions without masking the beauty of the underlying floor.

Recommended for all surfaces which could benefit from a lower slip risk, including: tiled and marbled floors, bathroom floors, kitchen floors, changing rooms and other wet areas.

Hydrogel 392 is BS 79762:2002+A1:2013 certified and meets the UKSRG Guidelines Issue 5: 2016.

Hydorgels 392


Retrace is a safety performance authentication system, which enables this coating to be scanned in situ and independently verified for provable protection.


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